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Everything. Except. Ordinary.

That is SPHAER.

Brought to life as limited editions through unique collaborative processes, each creation functions as an autonomous protagonist within your space. High-end furniture, lighting, and home décor pry open doors across time and space – into realms interlocking like verses of a vivid poem. Each piece narrates tales. Of verticals and horizontals, of momentum and tranquillity, of movement and stillness; tales that, ultimately, fuse in a remarkable symphony of SPHAER’s poetry.

Handcrafted Collections

Pythia Kollektion
Pythia Kollektion

Collection PYTHIA

Collection PYTHIA

Calliope Kollektion
Calliope Kollektion

Collection CALLIOPE​

Collection CALLIOPE

Rare. Groundbreaking. Unique.

Such are the creations from SPHAER.

Why? Because our lamps, designer furniture, and accessories emerge as the epitome of craftsmanship – born out of innovative collaborations between creative minds from Vienna and the vast universe of interior design. At SPHAER, design syncs with diligence, harmony coexists with diversity, and functionality intertwines with aesthetics.


SPHAER Products

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