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SPHAER Kollektionen

Light is our favourite colour.

Guided by this sentiment, product designers Leni Piëch and Bade Erol skilfully crafted two light collections, CALLIOPE and PYTHIA, in an ambitious collaboration (link).


The result: A suite of six pendant lamp personas. Hecate, Aglaea, Ourania, Bia, Theia, and Eirene are primarily composed of glass, ceramic, and iron – eliciting recollections of a radiant future. Each piece elegantly straddles the line between fragility and resilience.



Both collections establish forms, languages, and living concepts. SPHAER’s lamps weave tales that resonate with familiarity and yet teem with novelty.


The PYTHIA collection operates as an oracle, reflecting the future’s luminance between layers of coloured and transparent glass. With their electrified auras, these three objects captivate their observers, enticing us into a world bent on unveiling its enigmas. Despite their lucidity, the designs of this collection possess neither beginning nor end. Within PYTHIA, the light has no desire to simply refract. Instead, it yearns to dance.


The CALLIOPE collection of suspended lamps transports us to a realm where the transient fuses with eternity – where ephemerality intersects with all that is yet to unfold. Much like the timelessness of light itself, CALLIOPE encapsulates infinite moments within its existence. The collection harmonizes contrasting, asymmetric forms. It presents a different perspective from every angle, thus embodying delicate equilibrium.

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