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The SPHAER Collaborations concept realises avant-garde design ventures that capitalise on the invaluable life experiences of two or more creative contributors. Together with them, Leni endeavours to create exclusive pieces of furniture and interior design accessories that do not simply exist as designs, but as tangible protagonists of their own narratives.


Collaboration poses a pivotal component of SPHAER’s holistic approach. It spurs individuals to continuously ponder and re-evaluate — catalysing interdisciplinary frictions that spark knowledge and comprehension.



The inauguration of the Collaborations series was signified by two unique lamp collections (link). An ambitious partnership with product designer Bade Erol gave birth to an entire lineage of premium light sources, comprised of six design personas. Apart from their sophisticated aesthetics, they share a common mission: to swathe the bodies and spaces around them in an embrace of warmth, comfort, and well-being.

Are you a designer, artist, craftsperson, or from another field entirely? Would you be interested in a potential collaboration with Studio SPHAER and/or an artist-in-residence sojourn in Vienna?

If you are interested, please send us your application documents to:

The genesis of Studio SPHAER emerged from a yearning for interdisciplinary design collaborations — since four, six, or eight eyes invariably perceive further, sharper, better than a mere pair. With the launch of her Collaborative Design Studio, SPHAER founder Leni Piech (link: About) transmuted her longing for creative cooperation into a virtue, within the confines of a repurposed Viennese tavern, transforming that virtue into a dream — and that dream into Studio SPHAER.

“Let's collaborate! Our creativity can create something truly extraordinary.”

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